Reviews of Prison Break Season 3 and 4

Are you ready to watch Prison Break Season 5? Do you remember the whole story of the previous Season? If not, we will provide a little review of season 3 and season 4 of Prison Break. For those of you who want to watch animes online, you can visit our website.

The third season tells Lincoln Burrows who was released from prison looking for a way to get Michael out of Sona’s prison in Panama. The Company represented by Susan who kidnapped LJ (her son Lincoln Burrows) and Michael Scofield’s lover, Sara Trancredi met Lincoln and forced him to have Michael help James Whistler escape from Sona’s prison. Scofield was desperate to do so and he was assisted by Sucre who was disguised as a prison guard. Sona Prison is far more frightening than Fox River, in the prison mama is only guarded against outside after the big riots. That is, the law that prevailed in Sona prison is the law of the Jungle. End of season, Scofield, Mahone, and James Whistler escaped from Sona prison. T-Bag and Bellick were left in jail and Sucre was exposed to his identity which eventually he also was thrown into Sona. Michael knew that the woman he loved died at the hands of The Company and was intent on taking revenge.

The plot of the fourth season is about the efforts of National Security Agency (NSA) member Don Self, who recruited a team to get Scyilla, a “thing that can unravel from The Company’s corrosion.” Michael, Bellick, Sucre, and Mahone are assigned to dismantle all the rottenness of The Company in exchange for all of them being exempt from the charges for the crime they committed. Upon breaking into The Company’s headquarters, they got; That Sara is alive. T-Bag worked for The Company and Bellick was killed. End of the season they managed to dismantle The Company’s rottenness and their name was bleached. Scofield and Sara married but Scofield died of brain cancer. But in season 5 later, Scofield was still alive and imprisoned in Yemen.

While in season 5 later, certainly will be more exciting. Season 5 tells the story of Lincoln Burrows who went to Yemen with C-Note to meet Scofield who was imprisoned with a small new conspiracy.