How to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction

Sex drive (libido) often decreases in men with erectile dysfunction, although some men maintain normal libido. Regardless of changes in libido, men with erectile dysfunction have difficulty in sex which is due to an erection penis not hard enough, long or increased for penetration or because erections can not be formed. Some men stop having an erection when sleeping or waking up. Others can achieve a strong erection sometimes but can not achieve or maintain an erection at a later time. You can take medication in the manner given by Visit our website now and find out how.

At a time when testosterone levels are low, the result is more likely to decrease libido than erectile dysfunction. In addition, low testosterone levels can lead to bone loss, loss of energy, and loss of muscle density.

To diagnose the cause of erectile dysfunction, doctors ask about the diseases and conditions that can contribute to erectile dysfunction and drugs used. A general physical examination, including examination of the sex organ and prostate, is performed. Doctors can measure the function of the nerves that supply the genitals. Measuring blood pressure in the legs and counting the beat on the feet and hands can reveal problems in the arteries. Blood samples can be taken to measure testosterone levels. Some blood tests can help identify diseases that may cause temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes or infection.

If the problem with arteries or vessels is suspected, special tests may be performed. For example, a device can be used at home to measure erections during sleep (at normal times). If an erection is present during sleep, the cause may be psychological, otherwise, if the erection is absent during sleep, the cause may be physical. Ultrasonography can also be used to measure blood flow to the penis.

Actions that may help prevent or control contribute to erectile dysfunction, such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and diabetes, may also help improve erectile dysfunction, although the effect is less likely. For example, losing weight, exercise, and quitting can help. Some men and their partners may choose to follow all the treatments for erectile dysfunction. Physical contact without an erection can satisfy their need for intimacy and fulfilment.