How To Avoid Medical Error For Pharmacist

Medication error is an adverse event of the patient, due to the use of drugs during the handling of health personnel, which can be prevented. Thus, it is, indeed, important for everyone to be aware of this that they can also try to prevent it. For medical staff, for example, the awareness can be increased through advocates like the Greater National Advocates.

Pharmacists should understand and be aware of the possibility of medication errors in the treatment process. In prescribing services Pharmacists should perform prescription screening that includes: 1) Administrative requirements including name, and physician address, date of prescribing, signature of the doctor prescribing physician, name, address, age of sex And patient’s weight, name of drug, potency, dosage and amount requested, clear use, and also other information. 2) Physical fitness including dosage form, dose, potency, stability, incompatibilities, ways, and duration of administration. 3) Clinical considerations which are adverse events, allergies, interactions, indication, dose, patient, etc.